Robotics and Coding


Explore. Build. Play.

Learn about control systems, coding, and how to build a multi-purpose robotic device that is customizable with smart components and code.

Arduino Electronics

All Arduino boards are completely open-source, so students can build them independently and adapt them to their specific needs. The software is also open-source, and is growing through the contributions of users worldwide.

If you’re bursting with great ideas that involve tech but have no idea how to get started, this course is a great launchpad. Hands-on and expertly guided, Arduino offers easy-to-use hardware and software.

Raspberry Pi

A clever little thing that packs a powerful punch, the Raspberry Pi is a tech all-rounder. It’s flexible hardware is used by DIY enthusiasts, educators, researchers and inventors.

It teaches you how to build your own computer. You will also learn about compression, operating systems, and how to use a multi-purpose device to create custom hardware devices.