About Us

Employers are looking for high-performance individuals, who are critical thinkers that have their finger on the pulse. They want people who can easily connect with others; while having an eye on the bigger picture and are agile enough to adapt to a world that is constantly changing.

The iLeadLAB is an Academic Makerspace that offers a range of programs and short courses that plug into this demand. Learners receive hands-on skill development in Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving, Digital Literacy, and Creativity and Imagination. They are taught how to communicate effectively, manage time, and resolve conflict. They learn about civic responsibility, information literacy, and how to skillfully search for jobs. They are exposed to innovative manufacturing tools and 3-D printing and a wide spectrum of revolutionary technologies.

The iLeadLAB fuels aspirations and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit. It offers engaging minds a front row seat to innovation and cutting-edge technology. It provides groundbreaking experience and support to professional high-flyers who recognise that multi-skilling and relevant-skilling gives them the edge in a world where the only constant is digital change.