Soft Skills

“Digital Skills alone are inadequate.

Students must understand how to use them

for value creation”

Dr. Ahmed Shaikh

Workplaces are more digitally-infused, and demand for soft-skilled individuals is increasing.

As much as technology improves lives and productivity, it cannot replace creativity, empathy, the ability to connect with others, solve a crisis, and deal with stress. These are attributes that define leadership, which is why globally, more companies are looking for candidates with technical competencies and highly-developed soft skills.  

We offer:

CV Writing

Interview Skills

Job Search Skills

Presentation Skills

Career Fairs

Graduate Recruitment Program

Individual Career Counseling

Personal Coaching

Short Courses:

Emotional Intelligence 

Personality Assessments

Critical thinking 

Stress and Conflict Management 

Creativity and Design Thinking 

Teamwork and leadership